How to write a good job advert

Writing an effective job advert to attract the best talent is a very important part of advertising.

A well-constructed online job advert will:

• Attract better candidates

• Discourage weaker candidates

• Reduce applications that waste your time

• Reduce total processing time

• Increase recruitment efficiency

Here are our top tips to help you write powerful online job adverts:

Who are you targeting?

What you say depends on who you are talking to so make sure your advert connects with your audience through language, expression and motivation. Try putting yourself in the shoes of your ideal candidate. What will they be looking for?

Try searching for similar jobs to the ones you want to advertise. Also ask someone who is already doing the same job about what would make them apply.

Remember: make it hard for the right jobseekers to say no!

Avoid internal or ambiguous job titles

Is the job title meaningful outside your organisation? Don’t alienate or confuse your target audience with internal jargon that makes little sense to jobseekers outside of your own organisation and sector.

Think about your opening paragraph

Make sure your opening paragraph is short, punchy and informative - this is often the first thing a jobseeker will read after the job title.

Get to the point

Attention span is short online so you need to get to the point.

• Avoid buzz words, acronyms or technical jargon

• Break text up and avoid words that add ‘padding’

• Use short paragraphs and bulleted lists for easy reading

• Use sub headings to separate introduction, job duties and candidate specifications etc.

• Highlight important points

• Don’t just copy and paste job descriptions!